Information about the Institution

NAME OF THE SOCIETY J. B. Sawant Education Society, Mumbai
REGISTER UNDER Society Registration Act 1860: No.284 198 G.B.B.S.D.
Mumbai Registration Act 1950: No. F9579 (Mumbai)


“न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विदयते”

( Here nothing is as holy as knowledge )

Brief History of Institution

The society was established in 1984, since then it has been actively working for rural youth development through their educational schools and colleges.

At present the following schools and colleges run by the institute:

  • High Schools: 05 (Five)
  • Junior College (Commerce): 01 (One)
  • Senior College (Commerce): 01 (One)

Aims & Objectives

To develop facilities of education in all fields and dissemination of knowledge and skills.

To advance the cause of progress and well being of persons belonging to weaker sections of society and to aid and assist such persons and the society at large and in particular needy persons amongst them in particular.

List of Schools and Colleges

1 Tikambhai Metha Commerce College Mangaon, Dist: Raigad
2 Smt. Savita Nilkanth Sawant Junior College (Commerce) Mangaon, Dist: Raigad
3 New English School Shirawali, Tal: Mangaon, Dist: Raigad.
4 New English School Devghar, Tal: Mhasala, Dist: Raigad.
5 New English School Shenwai, Tal: Roha, Dist: Raigad.
6 New English School Kokaban, Tal: Roha, Dist: Raigad.
7 New English School Nigadi, Tal: Mandangad, Dist: Ratnagiri.

Source of Inspiration

Founder Late Shri. Janardan Bhayaji Sawant

He worked tirelessly for poor people and spent his whole life for the development of rural area. He always tried to make available the educational facilities to the poor and needy students. His dedicated and hard working life became the source of inspiration to our Hon. Chairman Late Shri. Dadasaheb Sawant to establish this institute. As the monument of his memory, Society is named “J. B. Sawant Education Society, Mumbai”.

Our Great Donor

Late. Shri Tikambhai Metha

He was a leading businessman, Social worker & was committed to the cause of education in rural area. He was closely associated with J. B. Sawant family.

Our Guiding Light

Late. Shri. Dadasaheb Sawant

He was a golden-hearted person who always walked on the path of goodness. He preached simple but valuable philosophy of life. His life story is success story of a businessman. He always says that looks for the good in everyone and thinks and lives positively instead of negatively.

Board of Executives

1. Shri. Nilkanth J. Sawant President
2. Shri. Chandrakant J. Sawant Vice-President
3. Shri Sadashiv J. Sawant Chairman
4. Shri. Gajanan J. Sawant Vice-Chairman
5. Shri. Jaywant J. Sawant Secretary
6. Shri. Subhash J. Sawant Treasurer
7. Shri. Ratnakant J. Sawant Member