Shri Nanasaheb Sawant


I am extremely delighted to welcome you to J. B. Sawant Education Society’s Tikambhai Metha Commerce College Mangaon Raigad. Establishment of J. B. Sawant Educational institute was the brain child of all seven brothers of Sawant family Dadasaheb alias Sadashiv Sawant, Bhaisaheb alias Nilkanth Sawant, Annasaheb alias Chandrakant Sawant, Appasaheb alias Gajanan Sawant, Bhausaheb alias Subhash Sawant, Nanasaheb alias Jaywant Sawant & Babusaheb alias Ratnakant Sawant. All of them conceptualized the idea of establishing the institute in the name of their father Shri. J. B. Sawant in 1984.

We all know that India is a country of villages, 75% of our population live in villages. In those days especially in Mangaon Taluka there was no proper infrastructure, mode of transport and means of communication, students had to travel almost 30 km. for higher education. Our president Shri. Bhai Sawant alias Nilkanth Sawant, Ex. MLA, a great visionary realized the needs of rural youth & strived hard to start Commerce College in hilly area of Mangaon Taluka & his efforts became a reality when Government of Maharashtra & University of Mumbai gave their consent to start Commerce College in Mangaon. We are proud to say that we are the pioneer in the field of higher education in Mangaon Taluka. Ours was the first Degree college established in 1989 to cater to the needs of rural youth & was named as “Tikambhai Metha Commerce college”.

Taking the inspiration from Sawant family, in the next two to three years few more colleges were established in Mangaon Taluka. That way we were the leaders in the field of higher education in Mangaon Taluka.

We started with only 40 students and today we have more than 350 students on roll. which signifies the fulfillment of people’s expectation to some extent. In the span of 25 years we moved to our own premises, college has 5.37 acres of land and we have plans for further development & expansion in near future.

We aim to empower poor, under privileged students by giving them admissions with the help of different type of scholarships. 75% of the students in my college belong to low economic strata of the society. This would certainly reveal Santha’s modest efforts rendered towards imparting quality education to rural students through our qualified experienced and dedicated teachers.
I sincerely hope that you will build a relation with this institute & make a new beginning.