Code of Ethics for Principal

Create a policy and plan to implement the vision and mission

Promotion and inculcation of research development activities.

Make sure staff and students are aware of the rules, policies and procedures established by the college.

Recommend and convey communication to authorities.

Oversees, manages and educates facility administration and takes corrective action based on stakeholder feedback.

To do qualitative and quantitative work for the wellbeing of the institution.

Listen student’s ideas and give a helping hand.

Be fair in their discipline for all faculty members, non-teaching staff and students.

Provide opportunities for all staff and students to reach their maximum potential.

Code of Ethics for Teachers

Maintain the honor and dignity of the teaching profession.

Deliver innovative and quality education to students.

Be unbiased and non discerning against students

Engage the students in friendly conversation.

Observe the institution’s policies and procedures.

Respect the protocols to protect the students.

Work along with other educators.

Be responsible and respectful when interacting with parents and other stakeholders in the students’ education.

Act as an excellent facilitator and counselor.

Help, lead, inspire, and support pupils as they learn.

Complete the tasks sporadically assigned by management and the principal.

Code of ethics for Non-Teaching Staff

Continue to be on duty during college hours.

Respect and uphold the administrative hierarchy.

Maintain integrity, honesty, and fairness in all your dealings.

Always maintain self-control and restraint, and interact well with faculty, students, and the general public.

Must adhere to the college’s nondisclosure policy.

Must not skip work without permission from management.

Code of Ethics for Students

The students should respect our country’s national integration.

Students should respect the nation’s diversity of religions and cultures.

Students are expected to follow the directions issued by the principal, teachers, and support staff.

Ragging in any form and any place is strictly prohibited.

Consumption of alcohol, cigarette and tobacco in campus is strictly prohibited.

The students should not enter college premises without the identity card.

The students should co-operate to maintain college premises neat and clean.

You must be in the lecture hall five minutes early.

Avoid misuse of duster, chalks and white board markers.

Care must be taken while using institute’s property e.g. furniture’s, fixtures, computers, lab equipment etc.