Economics for the welfare of society

Make the students aware of Economics responsive for changing environment and to accept the challenges of privatization, liberalization and globalization

Goals and Objectives

  • To make students understand the basic concepts of Economics.
  • To generate awareness amongst students about changing environment in Economics
  • To organize field visits, surveys and to understand the basic theories of Economics in practical world
  • To motivate and inspire students to undertake projects on various Economics issues of local area
  • To enhance knowledge of the faculty by motivating them to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia etc
  • To encourage the faculty for faculty development
  • To make the students socially aware of the societal problems and their personality
  • To Develop a basic understanding about issues related to human rights violations, ecology and urban-rural disparities in access to health and education.
  • To Gain an overview of significant skills required to address competition in career choices.
  • To appreciate the importance of developing a scientific temper towards technology and its use in everyday life


Dr. Mali C.B. (Asso. Prof.  and Head of Department)