Sports and Gymkhana

Our college has a tradition of providing an all-round development for students, by making available facilities for sports activities. The college has very good infrastructural facilities for sports and related extra-curricular activities, which have been developed and have thrived over the years. There have been additions to and renovations of these facilities from time to time, for indoor and outdoor games and also for the traditional Indian games.

Sports and Gymkhana Committee Members (2013-14):

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Principal Dr. Sandhya Kulkarni Chairman
2. Assistant Prof. Ashok P. More In charge


Annual Sports:

College Level Tournaments/Competitions were conducted on 29th, 30th & 31st Jan. 2014.

Sr.No. Events
1. Running 100 mts.
2. Shot Put Throw
3. Discus Throw
4. Javelin Throw
5. Badminton
6. Chess
7. Carom
8. Kabaddi
9. Kho-Kho
10. Cricket
11. Langadi


Prize Distribution Ceremony (2013-14)

Sr.No. Events M/F Name of Students Class Prize
1. Running M 1.Shirke Dipesh Domaji2.Tembe Mahendra Suresh F.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. Trophy/Medal
F 1.Tembe Sujata Sitaram2.Ubhare Archana Nandakumar S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
2. Badminton M 1.Dhansay Safwan Ruknuddin2.Chandorkar Ganesh Ravindra S.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
F 1.More Pranali Anil2.Rahate Komal Kumar S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com TrophyMedal
3. Carrom M 1.Shedge Yogesh Sadashiv

  1. Chandorkar Ganesh Ravindra
T.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
F 1.Gadkari Prafulla Girish2.Jangam Bhakti Nitin S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com TrophyMedal
4. Chess M 1.Mane Hemant Vijay

  1. Shedge Yogesh Sadashiv
S.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
F 1.More Priyavanda Vijay2.Gadkari Prafulla Girish S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
5. Discus Throw M 1.Pawar Nitesh Sharad2.Tamhankar Pratap Prakash T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
F 1.Tembe Sujata Sitaram2.Rahate Komal Kumar S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
6. Put Throw M 1.Patil Prathamesh Dattatray

  1. Tamhankar Pratap Prakash
T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
F 1.Tembe Sujata Sitaram2.Rahate Komal Kumar S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
7. Javelin Throw M 1.Shedge Yogesh Sadashiv

  1. Patil Prathamesh Dattatray
T.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
  1. Rahate Komal Kumar
  2. Tembe Sujata Sitaram
S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. TrophyMedal
8. Cricket M 1.Mhaskar Swapnil2.Shirke Dipesh S.Y.B.Com.F.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
F 1.Prajapati Neeta2.Rahate Komal T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
9. Kho-Kho M 1.Shedge Yogesh2.Wadwal Sushil T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
F 1.Ghulghule Chitra2.Nivate Ruchita T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
10. Kabaddi M 1.Sonawane Swapnil2.Harnekar Ravi F.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
F 1.Mestri Swapnita2.Andhere Pranali T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
11. Langadi F 1.Ubhare Archana2.Meghna Surve/Aparna Khadkar S.Y.B.Com.T.Y.B.Com. Trophy—-
12. Best Sportsman Award F 1.Tembe Sujata2.Rahate Komal Kumar S.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com.
M 1.Shedge Yogesh Sadashiv2.Sonawane Swapnil Shashikant T.Y.B.Com.S.Y.B.Com.


Students Participation in University zonal level tournaments/Competitions (2013-14):

Sr.No. Events Venue Participants
1. Chess(Boys) J.S.M.College, Alibag
  1. Rahul Naage
  2. Jitesh Lokhande
  3. Hemant Mane
  4. Akash Matale
  5. Yogesh Shedge
  6. Rohit Kale
2. Chess(Girls) J.S.M.College, Alibag 1.Priyavanda More2.Komal Rahate
3. Cross Country(Boys) Karjat College, Karjat 1.Siddhesh Ghadge
4. Cross Country(Girls) Karjat College, Karjat 1.Komal Rahate
5. Athletic (Boys) University of Mumbai 1.Rohit Kale2.Prathamesh Patil
6. Half Marathon(Boys) Karjat College,Karjat 1.Siddhesh Ghadge