As per the guidelines sent by NAAC for up gradation of every accredited institution of higher education, An Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was formed in our College in 2013-14 to initiate drive towards continuous improvement in all spheres of activities of the college. The main function of IQAC is quality sustenance and quality enhancement.

IQAC Committee (2018-19)

SN Name of members Designation
01 Dr. Sandhya B. Kulkarni Chairman and Principal
02 Shri. Jayawant Janardan Sawant. Representative of governing body
03 Shri. Amit  D. Bakade Steering committee coordinator
04 Shri. Harshal V. Joshi Representative of teaching staff
05 Dr. Chandrakant B. Mali Representative of teaching staff
06 Shri. Ashok P. More Representative of teaching staff
07 Dr. Murlidhar N. Wani Administrative officer
08 Shri. Sunil G. Sawant. Representative of industrialist
09 Shri. Ramdas V. Puranik External expert
10 Shri. Sunil Navgane Representative of alumni
11 Miss. Gayatri A. Metha Representative of students
12 Shri. Jayendra R. Bawdane Representative of students
13 Shri. Gaurav B. Satve Representative of students