National Service Scheme

The NSS unit of Tikambhai Metha Commerce college organizes various types of social work; Medical awareness programmes e.g. Blood donation camp, Eye Testing Camp, Biological and Pathological Testing, Environmental Consciousness and Scientific Awareness Programmes and 7 days special camp in the rural areas. Programme officer of NSS unit is In-charge of the NSS activities. The aim and objectives of the N.S.S. include the involving of the youth in constructive and developmental programmes, participation in the socio-economic life of the community, encouraging national integration and so on. Every year volunteers from among the students are enrolled and after the completion of 240 hours of work, certificates are issued by the University. The NSS Certificate holders get preference in various services and fields and entitled for 10 grace marks in the examination. Students are motivated to join the NSS from the beginning of the new academic session.

NSS Programme Officers:

Sr.No. Name of Teachers Designation Contact
1. Associate Prof. Joshi H.V. Programme Officer 9850127540


NSS Advisory College Unit Committee 

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Principal Dr. Mrs. Sandhya Kulkarni Chairman
3. Associate Prof. Mali C.B. Teacher Member
4. Shri. Chinke M.D. B.D.O. Member
5. Shri. Sutar Anant Social Worker Member
6. Miss. Patel Divya D. Student Leader Member
7. Mr. Chandorkar Ganesh R. Student Leader Member
8. Prof. Puranik Sudhir District Coordinator Member
9. Associate Prof. Joshi H.V. Program Officer Secretary

Adopted area for regular activities and special camping programme:

At Post, Tal. Mangaon Village- Mangavali,  Dist. Raigad.

Activities Organized:

Sr.No. Title of the activities Guests Name Date No. of Participants
        Male Female
1. Orientation about campaign on save electricity Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 21/7/2013 25 30
2. Tree Plantation Shri. Dinesh Mehta 30/7/2013 38 25
3. H.B. Checkup Camp Dr. Nikam & others 03/9/2013 47 75
4. Blood Group Checkup Camp Dr. Nikam & others 03/9/2013 65 74
5. Blood Donation Camp Shri Kishor Bhagade 03/9/2013 75 47
6. N.S.S. Orientation & Day Celebration Prof. B.K. Shingare 24/9/2013 73 77
7. Road Safety Survey ————————- 10/10/2013to11/10/2013 122 13
8. Self Employment  Project (Tally 09) MITCON & D.I.C.(Alibag) 08/8/2013to30/12/2013 15 07
9. Personality development workshop Assistant Prof. Jadhav(C. D. Deshmukh College, Roha) 20/8/2013 78 58
10. Shramadan Project ———————– 13/8/2013to22/9/2013 37 33
11. Seven Days Camp ———————- 21/1/2014To27/1/2014 38 40
12. Scrutiny of Diary records at college level Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 04/2/2014 15 18
13. Road Traffic Control Programme at  Ganesh Festival ————————- 13/9/2013 &18/9/2013 24 09
14. Guidance Regarding various Laws of W.D.C. Shri. P.R. BharadShri. V.R. Gharat 24/8/2013 76 83
15. Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Smiti Workshop   22/06/2013To23/06/2013 07 05
16. Road Safety Abhiyaan   Shri. Vinod Chavan (PI – Mangaon) 03/12/2013 72 68
17. As a volunteers at Ganesh Festival   13/09/201 &18/09/2013 10 14
18. Voter Awareness Rally   25/01/2014 15 30

Participation of Staff:

Sr.No. Name of Teachers Date Title
1. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. & Associate Prof. Joshi H.V. 30/06/2013 N.S.S. Planning Session at Mahad
2. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 07/10/2013 Half Yearly Meeting Mumbai
3. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 20/02/2014 Scrutiny of Diary Record. (Mangaon)
4. Associate Prof. Joshi H.V. 30/07/2013 Gender Equality with W.D.C. (Alibag)
5. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 18/09/2013 Lecture on Personality Development with MITCON & MCED & DIC (Mangaon)
6. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. 04/01/2014 Meeting on Yuvadiwas & Workshop Mumbai
7. Associate Prof. Wani M.N. & Associate Prof. Joshi H.V. 05/03/2014 Evaluation Meeting at Goregaon.

Individual Participation of Students:

Sr.No. Name of Students Date Camp Location
1. Miss. More Priyavanda 16/08/2013  To  20/08/2013 Leadership Training Program at Pali (Raigad)
2. Miss. Surve Gauri
3. Mr. Mane Hemant
4. Mr. Wadhaval Sushil
5. Mr. Nage Rahul Vasant 24/08/2013  To  25/08/2013 Lokshahi Training Program at Mumbai

Special Camping Activities


Special Camp Seven Days Residence:    At Kavilwahal, Mangaon, District: Raigad  From: 21/01/2014 To 27/01/2014.


Participation in special camp:

Categories Male Female
S.C. 06 06
S.T. 01 03
Other 28 31
Total 35 40

Activities in Special Camp:


  1. Construction & maintenance of village streets, drains, etc. so as to keep the environment clean.
  2. Construction of sanitary latrines etc.
  3. Cleaning of village ponds and wells;
  4. Environmental sanitation and disposal of garbage.
  5. Veterinary health checking camp & vaccination program.
  6. Organizing street play to create awareness among the people of the villages on the theme.